Working for KIDSCO


Becoming a teacher in Innsbruck

Should you be interested in joining our team in Innsbruck, please read the requirement checklist and follow the email instructions below.

Teacher Requirement Checklist

We are very strict with this. Since we have watched children in our programme develop the accent and speech melodies of our teachers, we are therefore critical of the English our teachers speak. Furthermore, because un-learning a bad accent is not very likely, we also don’t hire native English speakers with poor English!

Unfortunately many promising candidates discount themselves because they don’t think they are qualified. When indeed, we are less likely to hire a former High School History teacher who has no experience with 4 year olds and is accustomed to lecturing teenagers in their own language, than say a mother, nanny, a summer camp councilor who have the experience of working in a playful environment with small groups of children.

Although these are unanimously desirable characteristics for any employer, the combination is especially important to us and not always so easy to find. Clearly, since we work with children, responsibility is of the highest priority. Moreover, as our goal is not only to make English fun, but to provide the children with a positive experience as well, being outgoing and cheerful is also a major pre-requisite. We look for sunshine!

If you are an EU citizen-we can legally employ you. If you aren’t, you must have a work permit valid at least until the end of the school year you are applying for. We unfortunately can not help you procure any of this paperwork. Everyone needs a Meldetzettel.

The training is non-paid and consists of at least 36 hours of theory training in a group setting followed by at least the same amount of practical training (observed teaching with real children) in the field. Our teachers are ready when they begin and not left to their own demise. We openly assert that we are the best because we have the best teachers.

If you are still interested and feel you meet our requirements, please read the following email instructions.

Send both a CV/Resume and cover letter. Since we work with children we require, with out exception, a CV/Resume. Effectively, it is the only means by which you will be considered. We especially like the ones with a little photo on the front. We also ask for a cover letter expressing who you are and why you think you might be good at teaching children English.

Note: We typically recruit in May, June, August and early September. The remainder of the year is dedicated primarily to maintaining the quality of our courses and supporting the teachers we already have. Should you wish to apply during the other eight months of the year, send us the previously mentioned documents, and we’ll keep them for later perusal.